Bloom isn’t your normal flower delivery service. Our system is designed to bring you pops of color and bouquets full of joy, while still being gentle with our planet. Here’s an overview of how things work when you order flowers from Bloom Sacramento.

What is Bloom?

All of our flowers come from farms in Northern California, which means they get to your table fresh from the fields — and you actually know where they were grown. We provide subscriptions of flowers delivered weekly or monthly in the Sacramento area, and we also provide special services for offices, restaurants and other businesses so your employees won’t have to do anything except sit back and enjoy the blooms. One-time deliveries are also available!

Step one: Pre-arranged or DIY

Because we started this business to bring the joy of playing in flowers to others, we offer DIY bouquets for anyone who wants to arrange their own. We’ll deliver a fresh assortment of locally grown flowers, and you can play in them and arrange them to your heart’s content. We also offer pre-arranged bouquets, which come to your doorstep ready to go into a vase and enjoy!

Step two: Bloom delivery frequency

If you want to always have beautiful, fresh flowers, we recommend a weekly subscription. It’s also the best deal — the more often you choose to receive flowers, the better price you’ll get for each bouquet. But if you’re only looking to lively up your table now and then, monthly subscriptions are perfect.

Step three: Add extrasLocal flowers from Bloom Sacramento being delivered to a front door.

If your table is looking a little bare, give your flowers a new home with a beautiful vase. Or personalize your bouquet with a hand-written note. We offer a variety of extra accessories.

Step four: Your Bloom delivery day

Our process is meant to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, so we deliver by neighborhood. Once you place an order, we’ll send you an email to tell you the delivery day for your area (the order delivery date you see at checkout is meant for one-time orders and may not be accurate for subscribers!). This ensures our delivery vehicles aren’t zig zagging across the city each day, and minimizes our carbon footprint.

Step five: We deliver, you enjoy!

When your delivery day arrives, we’ll hand-deliver your flowers wrapped in an environmentally friendly packaging that can be composted or recycled. With each bouquet we also include a care card with instructions to help you keep the flowers looking their best. Keep an eye out for the art on the care card, which changes each month and is created by Amanda’s mom!

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