Unlike companies that import flowers from other countries, our bouquets are sourced right here in Northern California with local flowers. You’ll be supporting local farmers and getting the freshest flowers possible.

Wondering why local flowers are better?

Local flowers are easier on the environmentLocal flowers growing

Nearly 80 percent of flowers sold in the United States are grown outside the country, according to the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. That means those flowers have to get here, which creates a huge carbon footprint through plane fuel, large-scale refrigerators and more. Local flowers, by contrast, don’t need a jet to get to your table, and they often don’t need to be refrigerated because they’re cut a short time before being delivered to you.

They are fresher

When your flowers come from a farm that’s a quick drive away instead of halfway across the world, they get to your table sooner. Local flowers can be cut in the morning and in a bouquet for you that evening.

They smell better

Commodity flowers are bred for uniformity and long-distance travel, which often drains them of their natural fragrance in the process. Local flowers provide more variety in colors, blooms and scents.

They support local farmers

We get all our flowers from Northern California farmers, and your support helps grow our community. You’ll always know where your blooms come from, and you’ll be helping provide jobs to your local economy.

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