Using Vegetables in Flower Arrangements

Arrangement with flowers and vegetables

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Hey there! Ever wondered about the magic of combining flowers and veggies in a single arrangement? It might sound wild, but trust me, it’s a burst of creativity that’s totally worth exploring. Join me as I spill the beans on how this cool idea came to life with Bloom, a small, family-owned flower farm, and how it became an artistic adventure like no other.

Meet Bloom: Where Beauty Blossoms

Let me introduce you to Bloom. We’re not just your average flower shop; we’re a small, family-owned flower farm and floral delivery subscription service based right here in sunny (most of the time) Sacramento. Our mission is simple yet powerful — we’re all about spreading joy through beautiful blooms. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly delivery, our fresh and locally sourced bouquets are here to add a touch of nature’s magic to your space.

Elopements, Micro-Weddings, and Blooms Touch

But that’s not all we do. Bloom specializes in turning small weddings into unforgettable moments. Our elopement and micro-wedding floral creations are designed to make your intimate celebration shine. Whether it’s a handful of guests or just the two of you, our flowers transform the ambiance into a memory you’ll cherish forever.

Rooted in Local Love

Our love for local flowers runs deep. Why? Because it’s a win-win-win situation. When we use local blooms, we’re supporting nearby farmers, boosting the local economy, and keeping our ecosystem happy. Our flowers come straight from Northern California — either from our own little suburban flower farm or from our fellow local flower farmers. You’re not just getting a bouquet; you’re getting a piece of our community’s heart.

Eco-Friendly Blooms

Vegetables on a dark wood table
Some of the veggies I picked up from Good Humus.

The planet is our home, and we’re committed to taking care of it. Our blooms are more than just pretty; they’re eco-friendly too. We’ve got a plan to reduce flower waste, and we’re all about delivering to neighborhoods together to cut down on our carbon footprint. And hey, even our packaging is designed with the environment in mind. When your flowers arrive, you can compost or recycle everything — no waste, just beauty.

Exploring the Floral-Veggie Fusion

Now, back to the flower-and-veggie combo! It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about celebrating the marriage of colors, shapes, and flavors. What started as a creative challenge turned into a true feast for the senses. I teamed up with Good Humus, a local farm that shares our values, to bring this dreamy fusion to life. I was out there early in the morning (and already sweating!), picking out veggies and fruits that would soon become a part of our delightful arrangements.

Bringing Blooms Magic Home

Curious to bring a bit of our magic to your own space? You’re in luck! Ordering our unique flower creations is a breeze. Just hop onto our website, pick the single bouquet or subscription that resonates with you (or a lucky someone you want to surprise), and place your order by Thursday to get your flowers delivered right to your door on Monday. Our subscriptions make fantastic gifts, bringing a regular dose of beauty and joy.

Experience the Magic

If you’re itching to see these captivating creations, you’re in for a treat. Follow us on Instagram for a visual journey that celebrates the magic of flowers (and, in this case, veggies!). At Bloom, we’re not just about bouquets; we’re about crafting experiences that tell stories through petals and stems.

Stay Blooming

As we continue to blend the worlds of artistry, sustainability, and community, we invite you to be a part of our journey. With Bloom, it’s not just about flowers; it’s about nurturing connections and creating beauty that truly speaks to the heart.

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