How to Create a Holiday Wreath

Amanda Kitaura of Bloom hangs up a finished wreath during the filming of an instructional video

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It’s almost time for the most wonderful season of all: A time for enjoying hot chocolate next to a fire, a time for reconnecting with family, and a time when scarves are a must (well, most of the time — we are in California, after all). That’s right, the holidays are here — so haul down that big plastic tote from the attic and start to drape your home in holiday cheer. As you do so, there are a few items that are absolute musts. For me, we have to have our stockings hung above the fireplace, and I have to put out a few snow globes around the house. But most important is a fresh, festive holiday wreath. And in the same way that garland is so much more festive when you make it yourself, a holiday wreath is so much more lovely when you create it yourself. Today I want to talk about some wreath inspiration that you might want to keep in mind as you plan ahead for our DIY wreath kits (delivered on Nov. 27 or available for pickup on Dec. 8) and our in-person wreath workshop in Clarksburg on Dec. 3.

Wreath workshop: Create in Clarksburg with friends

People hold wreaths that they made at Bloom Sacramento workshop

Our in-person wreath workshop is an absolute blast, and is always a memorable way to create for the holidays. Join us on Dec. 3 at Rendez-Vous Winery, where we’ll gather with friends new and old and make some beautiful holiday wreaths together. We’ll make more traditional style wreaths this year (more on that later!) and Rendez-Vous’ incredible wine will be available for purchase by the glass or bottle. Bring a friend or two and enjoy being part of a community of folks who are equally into the holiday spirit. We’ll all enjoy the hands-on experience of the in-person wreath workshop, and you can get as much (or as little) hands-on instruction as you would like.

I will be hosting, and I’ll be there to walk you through every step, so there’s no need to worry if you’ve never made a wreath before. It’s going to be so much fun! If you haven’t been to the Old Sugar Mill, where Rendez-Vous Winery is located, it’s a really beautiful place with a lot of fun wineries (and other options, like the occasional food truck!).

DIY kits: Make a fresh wreath at home

Bloom Sacramento wreath kit delivery box sitting on porch

If you want to create on your own schedule, our DIY wreath kits are perfect. You can order one to be hand-delivered to you on Nov. 27 (we never ship our items, and always hand-deliver with care) or to be picked up from our location in Sacramento on Dec. 8. These kits come carefully boxed and contain all of the items you need to create the perfect holiday wreath — a base, fresh greens, dried bits, specialty equipment and more. You can even get a “party pack” with five or 10 wreaths delivered together for the ultimate holiday activity. Either way, your home will be ready for the holiday season.

Different types of wreaths

Now, let’s talk a little about the different types of wreaths that are out there, so you know what you’re getting with our Bloom wreath kits or in-person wreath workshop. When choosing a wreath, you have a lot of different options: a modern vs traditional wreath, the type of greens you use, the kinds of decorations you add-on, and much more. Let’s look at some of the different choices and how they will impact the final product.

Modern wreaths vs traditional wreaths

Two women stand in front of a brick wall, holding wreaths.

The first question you need to answer is whether you want a modern or traditional wreath. Either would look great, so it’s really a matter of personal preference. Of course, the other kinds of decor in your home will play a factor as well. A traditional wreath is what you would expect to see in one of your favorite Christmas movies or a classic illustration — it has a full, round base often made from something like dried grapevines. It will often have add-ons like bows and bells to give it an extra festive touch. Traditional wreaths look great and are always in style, so that’s what we’ll be creating this year with our in-person wreath workshop and our DIY wreath kits.

Wreath made by Bloom Sacramento with gold base hangs on door

Meanwhile, modern wreaths usually are more simple and streamlined. They often use a gold hoop base for a minimalist design. They can look great in a more modern display, and are a lot of fun to put together because they are so different from traditional wreaths. With modern wreaths, the greenery doesn’t extend all the way around the circle — this leaves the gold base exposed, and adding a touch of the bare metal can make your wreath look really clean and sophisticated. I love creating these minimalist, sleek and modern wreaths, but they don’t always fit in with every kind of decor. That’s totally OK, and looking around your home and thinking about your personal style and taste should help guide your choice.

Greenery options

Another choice you’ll have to face when creating your own wreath is what kind of greenery to use. You can stick to one type of greenery for a uniform look, or you can mix and match greeneries from different types of plants for a more varied design. I love both, and as before, it really comes down to personal preference. Our wreath kits include more than one kind of greenery, and you can decide how to balance them out — or, you could just stick with one type of holiday greenery and just use the extras for another project.

Where to hang your wreath

Door…? Done. Next question.

Just kidding! Gone are the days when we wouldn’t ever dream of hanging a wreath anywhere but on a front door. These days, the holiday spirit and festive decor can extend to just about any part of your home, and the traditional rules don’t really need to apply. Want to bring some oversized outdoor decorations inside for a big impact? Go for it! Want to bring something meant for the indoors outside? Well, better check the weather forecast first … but otherwise, sure! Wreaths can really help bring the holiday spirit into your home, and can be hung just about anywhere you have space. They would look great on a living room wall, or as part of a grand entrance.

Now, there is one important caveat here: When dealing with a fresh wreath made from real greens, don’t hang it anywhere in your home that gets extra warm. Don’t put it right over a fireplace, and don’t hang it in the kitchen (unless you’re only eating popsicles and ice cream for the next month!). The heat from the stove will dry your wreath out much faster, and it won’t last very long. There is a reason wreaths outdoors in the cold months can last so long!

How to extend the life of your wreath

Now, if you want to make sure your fabulous holiday creation lasts as long as possible, there are some steps you can take to make that happen. First, as mentioned in the last section, make sure your wreath is away from any heat sources. Wreaths love to be cool. Next, even though wreaths don’t sit in water like a Christmas tree or a bouquet of flowers, you can actually spray them with a light misting of water to keep them looking fresh just a little longer. If you do this every few days, it will help keep your handmade wreath fresh as long as possible.

Get social: Share your wreath

I would love to see the wreaths you create with your DIY wreath kits, or using the tips in this blog. Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@bloom_sacramento) and use the hashtag #BloomSacramento. I hope you have a great time creating your wreath, and I hope it brings some holiday joy into your home — no matter where you hang it!


To sum things up, there are a few choices you need to make when creating a wreath.

You need to decide:

  • Wreath type: traditional or modern?
  • Greenery: One kind or a mixture?
  • Where to hang a wreath? (Anywhere works, as long as it’s away from heat sources)

And remember, you can always get help making a wreath with our:

And after you’re done, don’t forget to share your creation on Instagram using #BloomSacramento, and give it an occasional misting of water to keep it looking fresh.

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